May 2022. The pool opened the middle of May, during one of those 90F plus weekends. Since then, it’s been unusually cool and cloudy so we haven’t even thought of getting in yet! We’ll see how things go over the Memorial Day weekend. Warmer weather is promised so we’re hoping to kick off the official summer season with a swim.

On the nature front, all of our migratory birds are back and actively building nests and raising young. We’ve even had the occasional turkey fly directly over the hot tub in the morning.

Pool is open!

We are full the weekend of 11 August 2023.

Please note that US 340 will be closed at Harpers Ferry from 12 September until 23 December 2023. SeeĀ for details. Contact us for other alternative routes to visit Sycamore.

We will be closed 15-23 September 2023