Dining in the Area
Our focus when dining out is on the locally-owned establishments, although as you’d expect the area has plenty of popular chain restaurants as well. Here we’ll list our favorite local places, although there are many other restaurants in the area to choose from.Shepherdstown boasts the Press Room. A great, new and locally-owned restaurant and bar. One of our favorite places in Shepherdstown is the Blue Moon Cafe. They feature the best of outdoor dining, a casual but large menu and a laid back atmosphere (along with live music on many nights) makes this the informal dining of choice in the area. Follow this link for a more complete list of Shepherdstown dining options.If you rather head into Charles Town, there’s the Mountain View Diner – Greek owned and a great mix of classic American diner dishes alongside great Greek comfort food.These are just the best of the region’s restaurants – all located within 10 miles of Sycamore. Your hosts will be glad to suggest other options!