Guest House – 2008
The Guest House was completed in 2009 and is located some 200 feet from the Stone House. Only the second floor is available to guests – the first floor houses the wood shop for the property owners. Two large guest bedrooms, a communal sitting room and a galley-style area are located on the second floor, as is a large 3/4 bath. The shower in the Guest House is a generous 2-man design. Each room is heated with individually-controlled electric baseboard heaters. The bedrooms and the sitting room have individual window air conditioners for use in hot weather. The Guest House is equipped with a wireless access point for Internet access.The galley is outfitted with flatware and plates, mugs, water and wine glasses for 4 guests. The area includes an under-cabinet refrigerator, sink, microwave oven, 4-cup coffee maker (with complimentary coffee and a selection of teas). There are two comfortable wing back chairs, a table with 4 plank-bottom chairs, and a 18th century Kas in the sitting room.The South Bedroom is a sunny, spacious room that commands a view of the Stone House and the South Pasture. There is a queen size bed and a collection of 19th century case pieces in this room. This room is available for guests traveling with pets.The North Bedroom frames a long view of the north walking trail, which gives the space a more secluded feel. It also contains a queen size bed and a collection of 19th century case pieces.

Sitting area
North bedroom

Outside, a large deck, outdoor hot and cold shower, and a 16-foot diameter above ground swimming pool are situated to the north of the building.

Deck and pool