Activities at Sycamore
The property offers lots of ways to spend enjoyable time out of doors. We maintain nearly a mile of walking paths and trails, mainly through or around the complex of open fields. Most paths are clothing optional, and we can provide a brochure to guests which highlights all of the trails. Nature enthusiasts will delight in the variety of birds associated with the property. Because of the mix of deep and open woods, small and large fields, the variety of native songbirds as well as birds of prey is relatively high (see the list of bird sightings for details). If you’re up for a challenge, visit our list of bird sightings and see if you can add to the list.During the growing season, each field boasts it’s own unique assemblage of native plants. Many fields are in grasses during the initial part of the growing season, then give way to a broad variety of wild flowers. Berry lovers should target late June and early July when the native black-cap raspberries and wine berries are in their glory.The hot tub is available to guests year-round. During warm weather we maintain an outdoor hot and cold shower by the hot tub. At the stone house, the shower and hot tub are situated in a garden courtyard area. Another outdoor hot and cold shower, a secluded sunning deck and lawn, and an above ground pool are behind the Guest House.
Evenings bring additional treats. We’re far enough from the major urban areas that you can still see stars on a clear night. Our skies still do not compare with desserts for their clarity, but for basic star gazing all of the constellations are visible during their respective seasons and on very clear summer nights the Milky Way splashes across the sky. You can also take advantage of the relatively high number of fireflies on June and July evenings. There are two species which are clearly identified by their distinctive flashing patterns. Lastly, we regularly schedule campfires at the pond bottom, which is just west of the Stone House. Drop on by for a mellow evening by the fire.