Dinner and Picnic Packages

We also offer a complete dinner package as well, available Saturday and Sunday evenings (we request that you order a dinner package at the time you make your reservation). The $35/person pre fixe plan includes cocktails and an appetizer, main meal, and a home-made desert. The menu varies and if interested, we encourage you to contact us to discuss this option. We tend to feature rustic Italian dishes (we are both of Italian heritage) but we also manage well with plenty of comfort dishes in a New American Cuisine style. The kitchen can competently turn out vegetarian and vegan dishes as well, we only ask that arrangements be made in advance. Dinner includes a selection of fruit juices, sparkling water, beer, and red or white wine to accompany your meal. See below for current offerings.

If you are interested in a picnic on the property we can put together a light lunch for your enjoyment. A picnic basket is filled with crusty bread and a selection of cheeses and sliced deli meats as well as seasonal fruit, bottled water, and for an additional charge a bottle of red or white wine of your choice. Contact us for pricing. We request that picnic packages be reserved at least one day ahead of time.

Current Dinner Offerings
If you elect to dine with us, please select from the following menu of dinner entries. For special meals feel free to contact us so we can discus your dining preferences. Dinner packages include a round of cocktails and an appetizer, plus a homemade desert (in summer we make a lot of fruit pies!).

Molded Polenta with Pork Skewers (Polenta con Spiedini de Maiale)
Cubes of pork are skewered along with fresh sage leaves and pieces of pancetta and grilled. The dish is finished by arranging the pork and sage around the base of a molded polenta that has been dressed with a sage, bayleaf, and garlic infused olive oil. This is a great dish any time of year, although it is a favorite when we dine al fresco during the Summer.

Bayou Shrimp with Cheddar Grits
Shrimp are sautéed in a spicy beer-based sauce and served over a bed of cheddar cheese enriched grits. Comes with a seasonal vegetable side dish.

Bean Cake with Ginger Ankake Sauce
A vegan favorite, this dish features pan-fried tofu in a warm ginger sweet sauce. The Japanese inspiration continues with steamed sticky rice and a carrot and sesame salad. (Appetizers prior to this meal will also be vegan unless requested otherwise.)

Herb-Crusted Chicken with Mustard Butter
Bone-in chicken breasts are dry marinated in a herbal mixture, briefly grilled and then oven-finished. The mustard butter is scented with Thyme and is a perfect accompaniment to the herbed chicken. Served with a seasonal vegetable and a starch of your choice (mashed potatoes, rice, or white beans).

Beef Stroganov
A classic comfort food – we stew beef until fork tender and serve the Stroganov over wide noodles. A seasonal vegetable accompanies this dish.

Bolognese Ragu (Ragu Arricchito)
Minced beef, pork and veal are sautéed with finely diced carrot, onion and celery, then finished with tomatoes and cream. Served over Rigatoni and topped with freshly grated Romano. This is a classic Italian dish that we enjoy year round.

Crabless Crab Cakes
Minced hearts of palm play the role of crab in this tasty vegan take on a classic crab cake. The cakes are loaded with whole corn kernels, minced onion and green pepper, and of course – Old Bay seasoning. Served with your choice of steamed rice, home fried potatoes, or white beans, along with a seasonal vegetable side.